Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday – Soccer and Service

Half of the team went to House of Hope on Wednesday to help with some work projects there and half the team stayed at Camino de Vida to help with some additional touch-up painting in the inside of the building.

IMG_4980Here are Megan, Sean, Levi, and Ed in front of the Discover team’s neon masterpiece!

IMG_4971 Wednesday afternoon, we rounded up some kids from the neighborhood for a game of soccer before the service we had planned for them! It started to rain a little right before the service, but God answered prayer and it did not pour (which would have kept kids from coming and/or been so loud that the kids wouldn’t have been able to hear during the service!)

IMG_5013During the service, Megan came out as a clown (on the top right in the above picture) to help us with a game of boliche (bowling)!

IMG_5018We also played a game of “Red Light/Green Light”, and Michael, Levi, and Richard came out as a burglar and ninjas to make the game a little more fun. Ileana did the lesson again on the armor of God, and the kids loved it! We had between 50-60 kids and we are so thankful to be able to continue building relationships with kids and families right where we are.

IMG_5023 Wednesday night, most of the One by One staff said their goodbyes to the DC team, as Thursday was their free day and they headed off to relax at a Laguna and debrief about the week. Thank you Discover team for all of your help this week! We enjoyed getting to know you all and serve the Lord together in furthering the Love of Christ in the lives of Nicaraguan kids and youth!

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