Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art 4 Awareness

Clint Brewer, a fine art photographer, who visited Nicaragua in June with a team from Woodcreek Church in Dallas, captured some powerful images during his time here. Since returning to the States, he has put together a website, which you can find here, where you can purchase those images to support both One by One and House of Hope. Please go check out the website, and consider purchasing an image to support our ministry! It can serve as a reminder for you to pray for the ministry, missionaries, and Nicaraguan children and youth.
In addition, Clint held an exhibit at Woodcreek this past weekend to show his artwork, and share with others about the ministry being done here in Nicaragua. Approximately 250-300 people came, and all the Russells, along with Paul Fazio, were able to skype (video call) in and meet many of them! Thank you Clint for your hard work and passion to support the work God is doing through One by One and House of Hope.

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