Friday, September 24, 2010

the clock never lies…right?

mp3-clock It all started at 6:30 this morning. Or so I thought. Chase woke me up, groggily told me we had to leave in 30 minutes and got in the shower. I tend to take this opportunity to get cozy under the covers and enjoy an additional 10 (glorious) minutes of sleep. And this morning, this daily ritual was an absolute necessity as it was one of those waking up experiences where it feels like you were just hit with a truck. The shower turns off and I drag myself out of bed, acting as though I’ve been spending the entire time getting ready. I had to force my body to move despite it's begging me to crawl back under the covers. While Chase was getting ready, Joanna commented “You’re up awfully early”, to which Chase responded “We’re going to work a little early today” while he was thinking “it’s only 30 minutes early – I’m always up at this time”. We make coffee (without Beckett since he wasn’t awake yet – weird!) and drudged sleepily over to Paul’s, where our shared car was parked. Chase called out the normal “Paul, you ready?” greeting he gives each day, but this morning, instead of a “Yep” followed by the door opening, it was a “Uh…yeah…it’ll be just a sec” response. Weird. Paul must have slept in. A few seconds later, Paul asks through the window “What time is it?” and Chase checks his watch to discover that it is not 7:00 – it is actually 6:00…which means that we did not get up at 6:30, but 5:30. No wonder I felt like I had been run over when I woke up. NO ONE should be up that early! We kicked ourselves, until I realized that Chase had set the alarm, and then I just kicked him. (Not really, but I did kind of want to.) By the time we walked back to our apartment, and I finished my bagel (which I normally enjoy while we dodge our way around potholes to get to work), there was only about 20 minutes until we had to leave for real. So I just sat there and brainstormed good names for this blog title. None of them were good, though, since my brain still wasn’t functioning well from the interrupted sleep, so I scrapped them all and made up a new one. As a side note, we arrived at work this morning before anyone else – not sure that has ever happened before!


  1. Speaking of coffee, when are you guys coming back to the States? I'm runnin' low.

  2. At the end of December Bill! We'll be sure to bring you some more!


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