Monday, September 27, 2010

joanna the volleyball star

We got to go to Joanna’s first volleyball game today. It was at ANS, or American Nicaraguan School, which is SUPER nice (as you can tell by their covered basketball/volleyball stadium). She played really well and their team won two games in a row. The first game they won 25-10. The second game, the other team stepped it up a notch and they were neck and neck until the end. They ended up winning 28-26 and Joanna scored the winning point! In the video above, she is the one serving (she has an awesome serve!) We (Chase, me, Paul, Kristina, and Beckett) had a great time cheering her on.


  1. Wow, what a serve! Glad your team is doing so well.

    Love you.


  2. Go, Jo! You look great out there! Love ya...


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