Thursday, September 23, 2010

the little guy is 1!


Today is our nephew, Hudson Taylor Russell’s, birthday – his first one, that is! Isn’t he just the cutest? For part of his birthday gift, we got him this onesie. (it’s great, right?) We wish we could be in New York to help Barry and Tess celebrate him properly! We love you like crazy Hudson and hope your day is grand!

As a side note, it sure is great having nephews. We have 2 now and 2 more on the way! (Both Tess and Kristina are due in January!) As for our own…we’re still in the “not quite ready” phase. Maybe one day…


  1. Cute kid, awesome name! And that onesie...for some reason, I got the *biggest* kick out of that! "Courtesy of mom and dad." It almost sounds hippie, but not enough to actually it just makes me laugh... :D


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