Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To the beach we go!

Yesterday we went to the beach with the whole fam (Chase, me, Dave, Kristina, Beckett, Joanna, and Paul) and several of our neighbors as well. There were 16 of us total and we trekked our way in 4 different cars across a road that offered a variety of potholes, chasms, rivers, and wildlife (a.k.a. cows, dogs, and the skunk who was afraid to show his face but whom we all knew was there).IMG_5331 I’ve included a photo of one of the less friendly parts of the road above. We were thankful to be the 3rd car in line, so we could see it done before we had to do it ourselves. The liberty to participate in a beach day such as this was provided by the break from school/work we all had due to both Nicaragua’s and Central America’s Independence Day holidays. Some of the highlights of the day included finding a nearly-perfect-sand dollar, finishing my book Sarah’s Key, and making the decision that we would like to invest in some body boards (we sorely missed them out on the waves yesterday). As a side note, despite the challenging driving conditions, it was a nice break from this driving craziness: IMG_5161


  1. What did you think of Sarah's Key??? It was our book club book in May :)

  2. The second picture looks like Norman on game day. There's nothing like a beach, in my opinion. I'm glad you got to go, and it sounds like you'll get to go again! Good for you.

  3. Nicole, I really enjoyed Sarah's Key - well-written and informative! I liked how she paralleled the stories for the first half of the book, but then she stopped doing that, which I thought was odd. What did you think of it?

    Bill, we do enjoy the beach, especially since we are learning to body surf! But your post (oddly enough) made me miss game days in Norman!


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