Friday, September 3, 2010

Window Washers

You have probably heard the statistics, but poverty is rampant in Nicaragua and jobs are hard to come by. People make money to support themselves and their families however they can. Meet Javier (pictured above). He works as a window washer every day at an intersection very close to Camino de Vida. Over the last year, the One by One staff has come to love Javier. Every time he sees one of us (he recognizes our cars), he will run over to wash our windshield, or just to talk. He will even run from a different corner of the intersection to greet us. He works hard (he will scrape bird droppings off with his fingernail) and with a smile on his face. A window washer generally makes anywhere from 1 to 3 Cordobas per wash (5-15 cents), and of course, has to submit to the weather (rain, heat, etc). We hope to continue to building a relationship with Javier and blessing him for his hard work!

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