Friday, October 22, 2010

Adios Woodcreek Ladies

I was pretty sick (maybe Strep?) Monday and Tuesday and unfortunately, didn’t get to spend any time with the ladies, but I was determined to get better – Chase took me to the doctor, who gave me some medicine and antibiotics, and the Lord answered my prayers to be well enough to be with them on Wednesday.

IMG_6103  We spent the morning in Granada on the boat tour of Lake Managua, which is 9 feet higher than ever recorded before! It was a relaxing morning followed by lunch at Eurocafe, which is owned by a guy from Richardson, TX, oddly enough. After lunch, we headed back to Managua so we could make it to our One by One staff meeting and the ladies could get back for their last session at House of Hope.

DSC_1345Though I wasn’t able to be there for any of their sessions, I heard they went great! They also had a lot of opportunities to pray and minister to many of the women at House of Hope, who were grateful for the ear to listen and the encouragement. Wednesday night the Woodcreek ladies went back (and we were able to go with them) to hang out with the ladies and girls so Oscar and Velma, who work and live at House of Hope could go out on a date. And what happens when a bunch of women are together in a room? Why, an awesome dance party, of course! (the few little boys that were in the room went to the corner to wrestle.) Unfortunately, the rain abruptly ended the evening and after rushed goodbyes, we were off across the bumpy, narrow strip between the gorges that is called a “road”.

IMG_6138The ladies left Thursday morning and we were sad to see them go! Part of Chase and I’s hearts belong to the kids and ladies at House of Hope and it is exciting for us when our friends and family come and fall in love with them as well. We are thankful for the love, time, and generosity the ladies shared this week and we look forward to seeing them come back next year!

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  1. I don't always comment, but I always read your posts. Thank you for keeping them up! Your work there and your love for people are such an encouragement to me. I hope you are completely well now. Blessings!


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