Friday, October 1, 2010

It’s not wrong, It’s just different

As a missionary in Nicaragua (or anywhere really), this is a phrase you learn early on, and have to constantly remind yourself of, especially when you are getting cut in front of in line, or someone walks out in the road right in front of your car. Although, when you use this phrase in instances like these, you might actually be thinking that the thing is, in fact, wrong, but you are trying to convince yourself that it’s not. The pictures below are of things that genuinely are not wrong, but they definitely are different!

 IMG_5336Condimento, or “condiment”, also translated as “seasoning”. As for what’s inside, who really knows?

IMG_5158It is quite common to see two men riding a motorcycle together here. It’s no big deal.

IMG_4956Do you want some relish on your ice cream? Sure, that’s okay! McDonald’s will serve you that.

IMG_5335I wonder what he keeps in that box. Ohhh, “things”! (cosas means things)

IMG_5390 Sometimes the road masquerades itself as a river

IMG_5440And here in Nicaragua, cockroaches can be the size of your fist. (Not wrong, just different, not wrong, just different…)


  1. When you get up the nerve to use some condimento, let us know if we should start importing it or if we'd rather not. Thanks for letting us enjoy snippets from your new culture!

  2. I (apparently strangely) think that, however much I really don't want them in my house, cockroaches are actually pretty amazing and quite beautiful. It's just the gross-out factor that gets in the way. I mean: look at the sweet patterns on the back of that thing!

  3. Wow. This makes me smile, grimace, and laugh a bit at my own cultural bubble. "Cosas." That's brilliant. Also, I never thought that relish would taste good on ice cream, but I suppose some people here dip french fries in their frosties.

    As for the roach...not wrong, just different, not wrong, just different....

    I see it's storming in Nicaragua right now!

  4. Talk about cultural differences. Well, you'll get used to all these eventually. Whoa! That's one big cockroach! Indeed, "not wrong, just different".


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