Friday, November 5, 2010

5 piñatas, 200 happy (hyper) kids

                                IMG_6466 IMG_6470
We had our first piñata party on Thursday at the church for the kids in the surrounding neighborhood, Monseñor Lezcano. We didn’t pass out invitations for this one, so we were unsure of how many kids would come, but they trickled in and we ended up with over 50!

IMG_6471Clifford was utterly destroyed, like any good piñata should be. His remains are pictured above.

IMG_6485Paul, Jeremy and Ileana went to Siete Sur with Tasha, the hippo from backyardigans. 

IMG_6488  IMG_6534

 Chase and Julie went to Los Martinez with the pink ballerina. She did her share of twirling through the air before her limbs were plucked off.

Barney and the yellow mouse/elephant went to the Oriental Market with Katie, Dan and Pastor Antonio, where they had 2 separate parties. All in all, we had fun, the kids had fun, and it was a great way to meet some new kids that have never come to our services before!

We will have a sixth party next week in Loma Verde, a neighborhood were 15-20 of our kids come from, but we have not yet visited. We’re looking forward to breaking ground in this new place to see what the Lord will do! Pray for us!

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