Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the lovable four

There is no real reason for this post, other than to show you some recents of these four.

IMG_6166 Lindley turned 3 while my mom was here last month. We got her a Lindley-sized wooden rocking chair and we hear she just loves it.

IMG_5953And apparently so do the rest of the kids. Arlen tells me they’re always trying to sit in it, but Lin is rather possessive and will kick them out!

IMG_5959 This is Lindley showing us how old she is. It looks something like maybe 4.67, but what she really means is 3.

IMG_6328 Sweet Sidney is coming up on 6 months and she is just as cute as ever. I adore her.

IMG_6340 And then there are the boys. Jacksel and Ronnie. Rowdy, rambunctious, but oh, so lovable. (They’re pictured with Katie Loos, our co-worker and The Refuge Project director, and her fiancĂ© Yeril.)  Jacksel turned 7 a few months back and Ronnie will be 5 in a couple months.

The boys and Lindley are obsessed with Beckett and ask about him every time we see them. “Y Beck-eh, Julie?” I’ve also taught the three of them to say “I love you” in English. I try to make them say it as often as possible. :)  And Sidney? She loves to laugh and she’s not happy unless someone’s paying attention to her. I don’t mind though, as I enjoy giving her all kinds of attention.

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