Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh, the things you’ll see!

I’m aware that more than once I’ve written about weird/funny things and attached corresponding pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Not only do I feel this helps highlights the amusements of cross-cultural interactions, I also just find it funny.  On occasion, we encounter a real gem inside a reputable store (like a mannequin with a huge butt and tiny head or a plastic spoon taped to a bottle of ketchup for a sort of “two-for-one” sale), but it’s more difficult to take pictures of these because of stores’ security rules. 

Nevertheless, I do manage the discrete picture here and there.  The following are my most recent: IMG_6258#1: Sacks of urea.  Maybe my biology knowledge is rusty, but isn’t this a part of the human peeing process?

IMG_6228 #2. Toy Walmart trucks.  Yes, now even your child can own a remote-controlled shameless marketing ploy for a store that doesn’t even exist in this country!  Why is this here?  (To be fair with regards to the marketing toy comment, I’m pretty sure one of my favorite toys growing up was a shipping truck with TrueValue on the side.  The door on the back opened and closed and I could pack the inside with toy planes and Sesame Street people.  It was awesome, but to this day, I don’t really know what TrueValue is.)

That’s all for now, folks.  I’ll keep on the lookout for funny or out-of-place products.

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