Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our new place: the initial onslaught

We moved all day Monday, but we only moved about 300 feet, so we did it by car and by foot. Needless to say, we were exhausted at the end of the day and didn’t have the energy to unpack anything. The nice thing, though, is that the store we bought our couches from delivered them for free and the delivery guys were the ones who had to carry them up the stairs. I felt a little bad for them as I watched them grunt and sweat three semi-large to large pieces of furniture up the narrow stairs, but I was also glad that it wasn’t me.

IMG_6734Welcome to our new apartment! (Above is our upstairs living area complete with our new couches. Please ignore the ghetto fan.) It is 2 levels with several rooms/areas but not a ton of space. It is one of the weirdest layouts we’ve ever seen: the downstairs is one L-shaped living-room-dining-room-kitchen combo with 4 doors: the front door, 2 back doors, and the door to a narrow bathroom that has stairs for a ceiling. Other oddities of the place include blinds that don’t fit behind the kitchen faucet they hang behind, clothes racks in the bathroom, mini-blinds in the window of each shower, and a 6’x15’ “garden” between our apartment and the one next to us.  All weirdness aside, we like the place and plan on making it feel like home.

IMG_6733 Above is our bedroom. I think we pushed most of the moving mess out of the way to take this picture. The result is that we only look slobby, not slovenly.

Joanna’s bedroom is catty-cornered to ours, but we didn’t take a picture of it. Just imagine another messy concrete and tile room with a bed in it and you’ve got it.

IMG_6737This is our dining room and kitchen area. We haven’t moved our table over yet but we did unpack most of the boxes last night. Currently, nothing is organized.

IMG_6736This is the awkward small room right when you walk in the front door. It will be our music and reading room. We’ll keep the keyboard, guitar, bookshelf, and a comfy chair in there; we won’t keep the hammock, purple exercise ball, kitchen chair, four blue tubs, white hanger, or back seat to the 4Runner in there, but these things take time.

IMG_6735And here I am trying to make the internet work so I can play some music while we work. (Don’t tell Julie, but this was my excuse to get out of unpacking boxes.)


  1. Fun! Good luck moving in! It's always nice to get settled into a new home!

  2. The apartment looks clean and bright. I don't envy your job of arranging everything, but then I can't even arrange my bedroom that I've been in for 27 years. I hope you have better success!

  3. Awesome GUYS! Enjoy the new place!

  4. Can't wait to come over for some spaghetti casserole and see it!! :D


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