Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the downstairs

IMG_7022We’ve had a busy month so far and there are many blogs to come, but I thought I’d start with a house update, as I’m sure you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for a look into the new home of Chase, Julie & Joanna. Let’s tour the downstairs.

On the right is a picture of the kitchen, which is small and cozy. “Cozy” is a kind word for “easily crowded”, but we have great airflow, excellent lighting, and at the time of this writing, the kitchen smells of the apple cider that Chase is cooking up on the stove (below).

cider pot

Then below is the buffet (where we store our food). You may notice our non-standard coffee “pot”. The real one spontaneously burst while we were packing it to bring back from the lake house where we spent Russell Thanksgiving. Thus, this unorthodox and more literal version…


Here is our dining room.  This was our first large dinner at our house. Earlier that day (yesterday), we decided to research a little ant problem we’d been having with the table and discovered 2 separate nests inside the wood underneath. A lot of Raid evicted them and their young, and some silicone sealant will hopefully keep them out. The table still smells of Raid, but now we get more than three minutes at the table before ants find our food.IMG_7087

Here’s the weirdly shaped downstairs living-area-turned-festive-music-room. IMG_7091 And the guest room, commonly referred to as “Whitney’s room” since she was our first guest. Actually at the moment, it’s “Laura’s room” since Laura Minjares is currently staying with us. (She’s a friend from Dallas who is looking at the possibility of doing ministry in Nicaragua.)IMG_7093

This is the outside laundry area. On the left is our gas tank which is connected to our gas stove. We like this because when the power goes out, we can still cook dinner!    IMG_7095 And the downstairs area wouldn’t be complete without the “cave bathroom”. Joanna and I have discussed the option of trying to ignore that it exists. Chase and I have thought it would be a good place to have a litter box, as we are considering the option of getting a cat. Currently, we use it for toilet paper storage and emergencies. IMG_7097Reasons for our aversion?

  1. The tile (who picked that color anyway?).
  2. The small under-the-stairs crampedness.
  3. The odd smell, which David swears is roaches (although we haven’t actually had any yet in our new apartment, thanks to Chase and his poison laying skills).

So there you go. A tour of half of our apartment. The other half is currently not clean and due to doing Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown, I’m too tired right now to clean it/take pictures/write more. So you’ll have to wait for another day for the upstairs tour.

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