Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Highlights from home

We’ve been “home” for just over two weeks now, and it’s been busy but full of fun with great people! Some of the highlights so far have been…

IMG_7221We got to meet Evie (short for Evangeline) Claire, Sami and Jon Lilley’s adorable little baby girl.

IMG_7402We went to New York to see our nephew, Hudson, and his parents, Barry and Tess. Soon they will be a family of 4, as Tess could give birth any day now to their second baby boy!

IMG_7301 While we were in NY, we also got to spend time with our friends, Daniel and Jennie Kenworthy, and meet their little girl, Addie. We even got to go to Jennie’s concert for the kids she teaches and meet their friends in their community group (We know Daniel and Jennie from our community group in Norman).

IMG_7386We spent time with Jon House, one of Chase’s college roommates. We learned a fun, new game with Barry & Tess called Killer Bunnies, and we were teaching it to Jon in the above picture.

IMG_7432 And on Christmas Eve, we went over to the Teplow’s house (family friends that I’ve known as long as I’ve been alive) and we got to meet Katie (formerly Teplow) and Jon Moran’s new baby boy, Jack.

IMG_7467 After Woodcreek’s Christmas Eve service, we had the annual Rushing/Russell Christmas Eve party, which was fun, although we definitely missed David, Kristina, and Beckett, who spent Christmas in Nicaragua since Kristina will also be having their second child mid-January and could not fly home.

IMG_7534 And then we made a spontaneous-less-than-24-hours trip to Austin to visit my cousin, Bria, and her family. We had fun with her sweet kids Noah (7) and Dylan (3). Bria’s husband, Shawn Cirkiel, is one of Austin’s top chefs and we got to eat at his restaurant Parkside, as well as tour his new pizzeria, The Backspace.

Now Christmas is over and we are in Norman. We are welcoming the slightly slower pace. I’ve been sick since we came home, and haven’t taken very much time to rest. The last couple of days have been more chill, and I’m feeling on the mend. We still have at least 3 more babies to meet and lots of friends to see, not to mention our 4th annual New Years Eve party with our Wildwood community group. We are loving spending time with friends and family and I’m sad we only have 6 more days in the States!

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  1. Great to see what you all are up to. Praying that the Lord blesses your last 6 days in the USA, leaving you looking forward to your return to Nica. Many blessings, favour and increase. Happy New Year.


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