Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mom Jeans and The Spoon Theory

I know I blogged already today, but I wanted to share these two things with you.

First, the Mom Jeans article. A friend posted it on facebook, I read it this morning and could not stop laughing. When Chase, Paul and my mom got here, I read the whole thing out loud to them and we were all dying laughing. The Sequel is pretty hilarious as well. They’re long, but totally worth it. The pictures are priceless.

Second, The Spoon Theory. A girl with lupus uses spoons to try to explain to her best friend what her life with Lupus is like. Of course, I’ve read that each case is different, and I have no idea what my new relationship with this chronic disease will look like, but I found this quite interesting and thought you might as well if you want to understand Lupus a little better.


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  1. o my gosh- i LOVE those mom jeans posts. So TRUE! So thankful there is scientific research to point it out so clearly. Thanks a million for sharing. ;)


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