Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Satisfied Shopper

Well, I’m officially a blog slacker. Oops. We have much to blog about, which I’ll try to catch up on soon. Anyway, we went to Target today to get some groceries and I thought I’d cue you in on the reasoning for some of our purchases. First, a can of pineapple. Man, it’s nice that someone else cut up that pineapple for me. Second, blue bell ice cream. There’s just nothing that compares to it in Nicaragua (or anywhere really!). Third, gouda cheese. This would probably cost $20 in Nicaragua,  but was only about $6 here. Fourth, asparagus. Same reason – 99 cents a pound here compared to $15 there. Fifth, pre-packaged salad. I’ll eat it without bleaching it first or worrying about the consequences if I’m too lazy to do so. And I didn’t have to cut it up, wash it, and spin it dry myself. While Nicaragua probably offers a lot more options than other third-world countries, there’s a remarkable difference between here and there. Groceries are so much more convenient in the U.S.!

Tune in later for updates on life for “The Traveling Russells” over the last couple months!

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