Saturday, February 12, 2011

Missing Niños de Vida


Right now, Chase is at our kids service. I’m at home wishing I could be there too.


I’ve always hated missing out on something. Ya know? When you have, say, 2 really fun events that are happening at the same time – you want to be at both, but can’t and have to choose one? If I could choose now, I would choose Niños de Vida over kidney failure any day! (But, then again, who wouldn’t?)


I miss Brenda and Reina. Brenda (left) gives the biggest hugs ever…literally takes my breath away every time. Reina (right), used to have a bit of a crush on Chase, I’m pretty sure. She used to attach herself to his side every week, but she’s moved on now, I think!


Arlen and Sidney! She’s getting so big! It’s hard to believe she’s 9 months old already – I still remember so clearly getting to hold her just a few minutes after she was born!


Our kids at the Saturday night service. They’re rowdy and crazy, but so fun and lovable.


And sweet Alma. I hear that every time our car pulls up in front of the church she runs out to see if I’m in it. I got to see her for a few minutes the other day when we dropped Paul by the church on the way to a Doctor’s appointment. I didn’t get out of the car, and she later asked Chase if I could walk. I was wearing sunglasses – I wonder if she could tell I was crying. Her dad told me that sometimes she’ll cry and say that I’m the only one that really loves her. Poor girl – she must be so confused. One of the things I’m wondering is how best to explain Lupus and my life now to the kids (and in Spanish!). I’m stumped. Any thoughts?

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