Friday, February 11, 2011

Some new scenery

In an effort to make our main church room look better, feel better, and sound better, we as a ministry have introduced a number of improvements of late.

1) Movable room dividers. We have a number of 8’x10’ metal frames covered in thick black fabric. This helps the room feel a little smaller during NuĂ©vete (the youth program) so that attention is focused more easily on the stage. It also helps a little bit in reducing echo—which as you can imagine, is greatly needed in a large, rectangular, concrete room.

2) Stage wall backdrop. Where there is bright blue carpeting on the wall behind the stage, we have hung black curtains from floor to ceiling to cover it. This also helps in focusing attention on the people on the stage and reduces a little bit of echo. Plus it just looks cool.IMG_7658

3) Sound booth table. The table in the sound booth that holds the mixing board and the computer that runs the slideshows had been in need of replacing for some time as it was badly warped and wobbly. The new one that we have is a little bigger and also a little lower so flying soccer balls during kids service won’t hit the computer and all the equipment won’t shake every time someone touches the wall.

4) Stage lights. This speaks for itself so I’ll just attach a picture of them when they were being installed so you can see what they look like. Maybe someday we can post a picture of them in action.IMG_7654

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