Sunday, February 20, 2011

Superhero vs. Gorilla

IMG_7692Question: does working with children allow me to be a bit childish? Not childish childish—not like throwing myself on the floor and kicking my legs when I don’t get my way or anything—but I didn’t want to say “child-like” because that sounds so spiritual and mature. Maybe a better term is “little kiddish.”

What I mean is this: about a month ago I was given the order (and the budget) to buy new costumes for use in the kids ministry—“good ones,” I was told. I began an intensive search to find quality costumes that were neither sexy nor scary. This is actually more difficult than it sounds, but the result was that I did find a few gems. My personal favorite: a full-body gorilla suit. I believe it weighs in at about 10 pounds. What could be gooder than that? Ever since I placed the order, I impatiently awaited its arrival.

Yes, that’s right—emotion. As in more than an intellectual acknowledgment that something good is coming, but a physical feeling of thrill every time I thought about the ape-in-a-box headed my way. Such sensations are foreign to me, but I had them in abundance for a few weeks. I began to daydream about the awesome times Gorilly and I were going to have. (Okay, I didn’t really name it, but you get the point.) I thought things like, “Man, I’m gonna wear that thing all day long!” or “It would be so funny to drive around town in it”, “Is it here yet?”, etc.

And then it happened. A construction team that arrived Friday to work on the Refuge Project house brought good news: the costumes are here. I rushed out of my office and pushed my way through the new arrivals unloading things worthless to me like tools and supplies and found the crate they had brought filled with my treasure. Immediately I found what I was looking for, kicked off my shoes and began to suit up. After it was fully on—head, hands, body, feet—I felt a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. How would you feel dressed in a monkey suit and surrounded by large men fresh off a plane here to serve your ministry with their sweat and muscle?

And yet, the costume was everything I had hoped for. Plus, I was sweating too…profusely. So what if the costume fabric doesn’t breathe at all and leaves synthetic monkey fur mixed into my sweaty arm hair? That just makes it beautiful.

I had more costumes to enjoy, but I didn’t want to further embarrass myself, so I brought the crate home and said that I just wanted to make sure everything was there. Actually, I just wanted some privacy to indulge my little kiddish fantasy of running around the house in a costume.

And that brings me to the following pictures:

IMG_7695Monkey suit (again). Banana. Any questions?

I don’t get no respect, I tell ya! I actually bought this costume for the mask since I’m not a huge fan of puns or obvious humor. But somehow it just seemed better with the wig.

Untitled_000000Then our friends came over. We coerced them into dressing up too. This time Julie’s the alien and I was somehow convinced (wink) to don the ape suit a third time.

I would have posted the picture of me in the superhero costume, but it shows well enough in the above picture and I think I’ve been vulnerable enough for one day. Instead, I’ll share this grainy action shot of my friend the superhero turning on me.

It’s like Fezzik the giant said: “Men in masks cannot be trusted.” Unless it’s a gorilla mask, of course.


  1. Very funny post, which is, of course, obvious to anyone who reads it. Now, is that what you mean by 'obvious humor'? ;-)

  2. Oh dear. I can't believe you posted the pix! Hee hee!!

  3. This might have had me cackling with laughter if it weren't my bedtime! :) I dont blame you for your excitement...the possibilities are endless!


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