Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We are blessed to live in an apartment complex with a maintenance man. And not just any maintenance man. But one named Eddy. When Chase and I think back to our apartment days in Norman, although we loved our “homes” themselves, we definitely don’t remember the maintenance guys with fondness. Our interactions would go a little something like this:

Our sink disposal breaks. I speak to the front office. They promise to send maintenance guy. Maintenance guy comes while we are at work, leaves note that disposal is fine. I speak to front office again. New maintenance guy comes. Sees that disposal is broken. Says he will buy new disposal. New maintenance guy comes the next day, realizes it’s a two-man job, leaves. A week goes by. I speak to front office. Newer maintenance guy comes, says disposal is fine, they won’t give us a new one. I speak to manager in front office. New disposal installed the next day.

Then we fought for months about the air conditioner. And then there was the time the washer flooded the laundry room because they refused to turn the water off for 5 minutes. Yes, we certainly don’t have fond memories of those experiences. Although, I just had to laugh as I stood in the middle of my kitchen that day in 2 inches of water trying to hand over our TV to one craigslist buyer while on the phone with the other craigslist buyer who was on his way to pick up the washer while watching Chase and cussing-up-a-storm maintenance guy trying to get the cap back on the pipe of gushing water flowing from the wall after disconnecting the washer. My choices were to laugh or to break out in tears…and I wasn’t on steroids yet, so I had to laugh! Chase, drenched and exhausted standing there in his bathing suit, was definitely not laughing.

Eddy is not like our maintenance guys in the States. For which we are grateful. Eddy can do anything and everything. He hangs pictures, curtain rods, lights, ceiling fans, fixes toilets, even finds ways to have electricity in rooms (bathrooms even!) that were designed without electrical outlets*. He does all of it, usually the same day we ask, and he’s happy to do it. After I got out of the hospital, I saw him and told him a little bit about my kidneys and Lupus and it seemed that he understood. He said he had known I was in the hospital and that he and his church would be praying for me. He said that he is thankful Chase and I live here, that we are a blessing to him, and also that he likes my house!  He has come back a few times to fix one thing or hang another and each time, he asks how my treatment is coming and speaks of God’s blessings and healing power. He assures me that he and his church continue to pray for me. Yesterday, Eddy stopped by just to bring us a couple of huge beautiful mangos. I’m pretty sure if there was a “Maintenance Man of the Year” award, we have the winner right here in Nicaragua.

*I wanted to take a picture of Eddy to post, but couldn’t think of a non-creepy way to do so… “Hey Eddy, will you hang this picture for me, and umm, can I take your picture while you do that?”. I saved myself from the awkwardness and hoped you’d forgive me.

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