Monday, March 14, 2011

Oklahoma Love

I know, I know – you may be thinking that this sign is a joke, some sort of strange irony. Especially if you are of the “Proud to be Texan” population who reads our blog. We too, were there with you. Once.


Seven years ago, Chase and I reveled in our Texas pride, bragging to other less fortunate non-Texans about how we are the only state who can legally secede from the United States government if we want to, while silently judging their state as inferior. Including Oklahoma, I’m now ashamed to say.

And then we moved there and everything changed. We held on to our Texas bragging rights, but Oklahoma slowly became our home. It was in Oklahoma that we dated, were engaged and then spent the first 3 years of our married life together. It was there that we completed our college educations. And it was there that we were blessed to join and grow with our family at Wildwood Community Church. It was there that we worked in jobs that we loved, and there that we made friends we hope to have forever.

Yesterday, we flew from Nicaragua to Texas, and drove from Texas to Oklahoma, and I realized something. Something that, if you are a fellow Texan, you may have a hard time forgiving me for. That something? My love for Oklahoma is equal to my love for Texas.  I didn’t think it could happen, but it’s true. I get excited when we drive by the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School because I know we are getting close. I laugh when I drive by the “Mini Ha Ha Bingo” (because who picked that name anyway?). And the memories flood through my mind as I drive around Norman and remember the laughter, the tears, the joy, and the life shared with friends inside the places I pass by. We are here for the week, and my heart is happy. One thought keeps prevailing among all the others: “It’s good to be home.”


  1. Oh I feel that same say. The horseshoe school (south campus!), the Wayne Payne exit, and the scenic overlooks, Oklahoma is just home for me and always will be. Glad you got to be there!


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