Friday, April 29, 2011

An April Shower

Yesterday afternoon in Managua, it rained for the first time in several months. As you can imagine, several months without a drop of rain (the norm for the dry season) causes almost every plant to turn brown. The rolling hills around town, instead of being beacons of lush, tropical vibrancy (to wax poetic) are mounds of yellow grass and scraggly, thirsty trees.

dry season

April is notorious for being the hottest month of the year—a fact that we can attest to. Temperatures have been in the upper 90s, there is little wind, and humidity hovers around 60%. Rain, on the other hand, usually lowers the temperature but raises the humidity (75% this morning!). In any case, it’s a welcome change from the dry season monotony.

The rainy season hasn’t fully begun, but we expect it to within the next few weeks.

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