Monday, April 11, 2011

Back home and enjoying the Lilleys!

Home sweet home. And after only a 4 day stay this time. Days 3 and 4, I was feeling a lot better, and my white blood cell count went from 900 one day to 1900 the next day to 6,000 the day I got to leave! So thankful that cells can multiply faster than creatinine can be lowered! :) I am still taking several antibiotics at home and hoping all infections will be totally gone by my check-up next week.

We don’t know always get a reason about why these things happen, but in this case I did. CellCept, my immunosuppressant pill, can often cause Leukopenia, or a decrease in the number of white blood cells found in the blood. So, once this happened the infections found their way in and slowly took over. But don’t worry, my Nica doctors, armed with their trusty I.V.s and shots, gave those infections a swift quick in the pants. And I hope they got the message that they aren’t welcome back.

So I have been off of CellCept since being admitted and will be off it for 2 weeks total. The plan, though, unfortunately is to go back on it, as my only other option would be chemotherapy and my doctor really does not want to go that route. So pray that this undesirable side effect will have been a one time thing!

Sami & Kristina at the movie
Sami & Evie at lunch with Julie

Our 20s team from Woodcreek Church was here this week, and due to being sick, I was sad to not get to spend much time with them. Sami and Jon (and baby Evie!), our close friends, stayed behind after the team left and will be here through Wednesday, so I’m glad that I’m out of the hospital and able to spend some time with them while they are still here. The boys are out volcano sledding right now, while the girls got to go out for a movie and gelato last night. Having friends from home here, especially these ones, brings such joy to my heart.

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