Monday, May 16, 2011

Camino de Vida, est. 2009

Today marks the two-year anniversary of our first kids service at Camino de Vida. It’s a long and short amount of time all at once.

Short in that 2 years hasn’t shown us what kind of impact the ministry will have in the kids lives as they become adults. Short in that for all we’ve learned, we know we still have so much more to learn about developing and managing a ministry that successfully connects kids to Christ. Short in that our rate of change and development has hardly slowed down.

It’s feels long when we reflect on the number of people (kids, parents, volunteers) who have passed through our doors—who has stayed, who has moved on, who has grown closer to God, and even who has grown physically taller.

Thanks to all of you who read, pray, support, and visit! We couldn’t be here without you.

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