Thursday, May 5, 2011

Súper Músculo


In addition to the gorilla suit we previously posted a video about, a couple of months ago we purchased a few other new costumes, and a team brought them down for us.

For the most part, we just got accessories like some wigs, capes, hats, etc., but one of our more complicated full costumes is our superhero costume. We call it Súper Músculo (meaning Super Muscle Man). It has well-sculpted muscles, an eye mask, and a cape. The difficult thing is that it’s all one piece (not including the eye mask), and doesn’t breathe much, so it’s pretty hot and cumbersome.

Ever since we used the costume the first time, a lot of the kids—including some of the older ones—have forever after viewed the volunteer who wore it as having above-normal strength, even in real life!

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