Friday, June 10, 2011

Carnival Time!

The Wildwood team has spent their afternoons putting on carnivals in three of the neighborhood’s involved in One by One’s ministry – Loma Verde, Mercado Oriental, and Los Martinez. Below are some photos from the first carnival in Loma Verde.


The kids from the neighborhood were invited to play one of the many games offered, like bowling, and they would earn tickets, which they could later use to either buy things from the “store” or do something fun like face painting or throw a pie in Chase’s face!


The store had many things for sale, including notebooks, pencils, other school supplies, toothpaste, soap, candy, etc. Some of the kids were especially excited about the large toothpastes they bought! (Many of these items were collected and donated by the Wildwood Children’s ministry.)

To see more pictures of the Wildwood team, visit the One by One facebook page and click on the Wildwood Youth Team 2011 photo album.

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