Wednesday, June 15, 2011

just the two of us


In August of 2009, Chase and I moved out of our beloved apartment in Norman, and became nomads for a few months, staying with friends and family all across the United States (To see a map of our crazy road trip, check out this blog post) until we moved to Nicaragua in November.

Our plan when we moved to Nicaragua was to share an apartment with Chase’s brother David, his wife Kristina, and their (6 months old at the time) baby, Beckett. Not only would we all save money, but we both had talked for several years about wanting to live with another couple/family, and what better time than now (then). So for 9 months, it was just the five of us.

In August of 2010, we somehow convinced Joanna, Chase and David’s younger sister, to move to Nicaragua for the first semester of her junior year. She joined us all in the ever-expanding Russell household and we became six for the next 4 months.

In November, we decided to part ways, as Kristina was working on forming little Hatley in the womb and they would need more space upon her arrival. Chase and I moved a few streets away and we brought Joanna along with us, convincing her to stay for the second semester of her junior year. And thus we have lived as three for the last 8 months.

Joanna left to go back to the States a few days ago (but will be returning for her senior year in August!) so Chase and I find ourselves living alone for the first time in almost 2 years. It’s almost like we are premature empty-nesters. We’re looking forward to it, but at the same time, it is a bit lonely. Community living, though challenging for sure, is also really fun! I’m sure we will enjoy the “summer” (I guess I still think in terms of American seasons) together, but we also look forward to Joanna coming back in August!

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  1. such a beautiful post! i like thinking of Him as our Mosaic Maker. praise Him for carrying and healing our brokenness for His glory.


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