Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make Ka-shee? Chase?








You may remember a video we posted last September of Julie making coffee with Beckett. (If not, you can view it here.) Even though we no longer share an apartment with David and Kristina, we still like to occasionally bring Beckett to our house to help us make coffee. Since he is older now, he is a lot more involved in the process. He scoops out the beans, “helps” grind the coffee, and helps with the water. He still thinks it’s a game at the end when we tell him to push the button, which we, of course, find adorable (most of the time). He pretends to push all the other buttons (which set the time) before he pushes the correct one. As a result, we are often confused about what time it is.

The funnest part about coffee time with Beckett is how much he loves it. Every time he comes over, he asks if he can make “ka-shee” with Chase, and if he has already done it that day, he will bring it up over and over again, telling everyone about his coffee-making experience. Kristina says that sometimes he will wake up talking about it in the morning. Beckett pretty much adores Chase, but none of us (including Chase) know what he did to earn this admiration.

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