Monday, July 4, 2011

What’s new with us, you ask?

We have much to tell you, but for now – a preview.

- Julie had a doctor’s appointment Friday. It wasn’t the best of news unfortunately.

- Chase spent a few days in pain before we finally decided he wasn’t getting better any time soon and checked him in to the hospital Saturday night. He had dengue, but is doing much better now.

- Sunday, Chase was feeling well enough after getting out of the hospital that we were able to go to a Quinceañera for a girl who lives at House of Hope and helps out with our kids ministry.

- Today we celebrated Julie’s birthday (a month late!) by driving to Granada with Paul and enjoying some delicious blueberry pancakes at one of our favorite restaurants, Kathy’s Waffle House.

- Tonight we celebrate July 4th with apple pie and homemade sweet tea. We find ourselves missing our family and friends today and look forward to seeing them in August!

Check back later in the week for more details…

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