Thursday, August 4, 2011

Monthly Update

I had another doctor’s appointment recently, this time with the rheumatologist. He has always been the more positive one, and this time was no different. He is still holding on to hope that my kidneys will heal, even though he admits the chance is much smaller now. He says we should give it another 3-6 months to see. I asked when I might need dialysis and he said possibly not for another 3-5 years! So I guess my failing kidneys can just chug along on (much) less than full strength for quite a while! He did give me all the usual warnings about staying out of the sun, getting plenty of rest, exercising, eating healthy, etc. My creatinine level was the exact same as the previous month – 3.4. I guess it’s good that it hasn’t gotten worse! He also reminded me that I am blessed to be North American, to have the resources to receive treatment. Had I been born in Nicaragua, in a life of poverty as many are, not only would I have no hope of healing (since I wouldn’t be able to afford the medicine), but no hope of treatment (dialysis, transplant) if I didn’t heal. Sometimes I forget how blessed I really am, so I am thankful for this reminder.


And it comes at a good time, as we are worried about our friend Clarissa (pictured above with me and Scarlett, her mom), who lives at House of Hope and is a faithful volunteer with our kids ministry. She has been really sick recently and either has Meningitis or a worm in her brain! She has been to 3 different public hospitals in the last week or so, and doesn’t appear to be getting much better. She did receive a spinal tap to find out for sure if it Meningitis, but we haven’t heard yet either way. Clarissa just turned 15 (we were able to attend her Quinceañera a few weeks ago) and is a sweet girl who works hard and loves kids! Please pray that they would be able to correctly diagnose and treat her and that there would be no long term effects! Also, pray for her mom as she takes care of her!

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