Monday, September 19, 2011


Since we started our blog, we have gotten feedback numerous times about the difficulty in leaving comments on the blog posts themselves. It seems those who didn’t already have Google accounts didn’t feel that it was worth their time to set one up (or log in to it) in order to drop us a note.

We disagree: we’d like to hear from you.

Effective immediately, you do not have to log in to anything to leave a comment on a post. All you have to do is categorize yourself from a drop-down menu and type in a word verification (you know, those weird pictures of “words” made of bendy, scratchy letters straight out of a drug-induced hallucination) after you make your comment to get it to post. We’ve gotten weird spam comments before and would like to continue not getting those. This is why this step is necessary.

We do ask that you at least sign your name when you post. Let’s be honest: comments from “Anonymous” aren’t as fun as ones from people with names. Also, if we can’t tell who you are by your first name, go ahead and clarify by writing your last name too. Signing simply “Jon”, “Sara”, “Bill”, or even “Mom” is going to leave us scratching our heads trying to figure out which one you are. 

And if you wanted to be extra nice and log in to your Google account to make things look nicer—well, we wouldn’t stop you. Heck, we might even read your blog if we can click on your name.

Now you know. Go crazy*.

*Spammers: this does not apply to you.


  1. I love reading comments!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you all made it back safe and sound. looking forward to reading more of the blog!

  2. Let me see if this works....-Jessie

  3. It has been so long since I've posted a comment that I don't have anything to say right now, except I miss you guys!...and love you!


You don't need a Google account to comment! Just select "Name/URL" when you click the "Comment as" drop-down menu, and type your name to let us know who you are before you let us know what thought this post inspired in you. No one likes to receive anonymous comments!