Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Día de la Independencia

nica flag

Last week, Nicaragua celebrated its Independence Day. To read more about how it is celebrated, you can visit this website.

For us, it meant that we got a couple days off work (and school for Joanna), and we got to go see Joanna dance in an Independence Day celebration at Nicaragua Christian Academy. (In case you don’t know, Joanna is Chase’s younger sister who lives with us and studied at NCA last year, and then decided to return this year for her senior year.)

IMG_8445The event involved many dances, songs, and poems, and was concluded by a Nica feast at the end. Joanna wore a traditional Nicaraguan dress, lots of makeup, and had a bouquet of flowers in her hair! She looked awesome, and danced really well (although it took Chase awhile to convince Beckett that it really was Joanna out there – he didn’t recognize her!). The funny part is she only agreed to do this because of a miscommunication in Spanish…it happens even to the best of us!

IMG_8447Each year, the NCA teachers perform the last dance, so we got to see David (Chase’s older brother) dance as well. They did an excellent job, and Chase and I really enjoyed getting to go and cheer on our family as they showed off their dancing skills!

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