Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jon House is in the house

One of Chase’s college roommates, Jon House, is in Nicaragua visiting us for 2 weeks! Jon and Chase lived together for a few months right before Chase and I got married – Jon was actually Chase’s replacement in “That House with Those Guys” as their house was affectionately called. Jon currently lives in New York City, so we’ve been able to see him each time we have visited Chase’s brother Barry and their family there. The below picture was actually taken in December of this past year at a Starbucks in NYC where we got together and played cards with him.


Since we are working while he is here, Jon is getting to experience “real life” for us, which isn’t always that exciting. We do, however, have a couple days off this week, so tomorrow Chase and Jon, along with a couple other guys, are going volcano sledding. We also want to try to do a zipline canopy tour. We have already been to the beach and to Laguna de Apoyo, a beautiful crater lake about an hour from our house. Jon will be here until Sunday, and we feel so honored that he spent his vacation time to come visit us in Nicaragua!

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