Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That Paul…

So Paul’s birthday was on September 5th, the day we were all supposed to return to Nicaragua. He was leaving from NYC and we were coming from Dallas, and we were supposed to meet up in Miami and take the same flight back to Nicaragua. I’m so awesome that I even made it so that our seats would be next to Paul’s on the Miami to Managua flight so we could celebrate his birthday on the plane.

paulIn preparation for the celebration, I decided to make (“sew”) a shirt for Paul* that says “birthday boy” on it and make him wear it throughout our travel day. It was going to be awesome/embarrassing. I found a font I liked, printed and cut out the letters, traced them on to the green and white polka-dotted material, cut those out and put the rest of the project off until the day before we were to return to Nicaragua. While Chase was dividing out our 200 pounds of luggage amongst some crates and suitcases, I got back to work.  I decided to use no-sew to sort of glue the letters down first and then try to sew the edges of the letters to make it look extra cute/embarrassing. After about 30-45 minutes and about 12 times of restraining myself from  breaking my mother-in-law’s new sewing machine, I was about halfway through the first “B” and I gave up. I would just have to recount the story to Paul later and hope we could have a good laugh about how great the shirt celebration could have been.

However, someone** came to my rescue and finished up the shirt while Chase and I were running last minute errands. We came home from Target to a completed (and very homemade looking) “birthday boy” shirt. The celebration would go on afterall…

American Airlines would have none of it, however. In an effort to ruin Paul’s birthday, they made excuses like “we had to switch over to a different plane and assign new seats to everyone” and “I’m not sure why it’s taking over an hour to clean the plane, it just is!” and “Uh oh, there is another plane parked where we are supposed to park…I guess we’ll just have to wait here on the runway for another hour.” By the time we stepped into the Miami airport, our connecting flight had left 2 hours before. That’s right – the birthday boy himself flew away with 2 empty seats next to him and no one to celebrate his 82nd, I mean 30th, birthday.

Plan B: Think of the next best/most embarrassing time to make Paul wear the shirt. All the staff at One by One were back in the office today and we would be having staff meeting. Perfect. So today Paul is looking wonderfully stylish in his (belated) birthday boy shirt. I hope you enjoyed this long and detailed account of Paul’s birthday shirt (and my failed attempts at being a seamstress!)

*Back in March, my mother-in-law taught me to sew. I told Chase I was going to make him some clothes, and he said okay but that he wouldn’t wear it out of pity, meaning if it was ugly, he would have no part in it. Paul, trying to make my husband look bad, told him how unkind that was and promised to wear any shirt I made him to the event of my choice.

**This someone is so embarrassed by their handiwork (though it was way better than I could have ever done!) and would not like their name associated with such a project.

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