Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There and back again

We had a great time in the States, as always. In typical Chase&Julie fashion, we traveled to three different states in three weeks, but somehow returned to Nicaragua not completely exhausted. Our first week in Texas was a little slower paced, and while the temperature was definitely higher than we were used to, we didn’t find ourselves sweating nearly as much as we do in our beloved-yet-humid new home, Nicaragua. We enjoyed small luxuries, like stress-free driving, air conditioning, and one-stop shopping. We, along with Paul Fazio (fellow One by One staffer and friend from Woodcreek), hosted a thank you dinner for our supporters one evening, and also spoke for a few minutes Sunday morning in front of the body at Woodcreek.

We drove to Oklahoma for week 2, and filled our schedules to the max, many days getting breakfast, coffee, lunch, coffee, dinner AND dessert dates with various friends. Julie spent some quality time with our dentist, due to her genetically bad teeth and love of all things chocolate. Chase was able to play piano with Wildwood’s worship team Sunday morning, while Julie was blessed to join the Wildwood prayer team for a sweet time of prayer and fellowship with people we love. We were also able to visit the Wildwood kids ministry Sunday morning, who has faithfully supported us since we moved to Nicaragua. Norman is a special place for us, and though we may or may not ever live there again, it will always be one of our favorite places.

For week 3, we flew to New York City and (sort of) surprised Barry and Tess, Chase’s brother and his wife. They had looked at the calendar wrong and weren’t expecting us until the next day! Oops! We got to meet Ronan, our 8-month old nephew, and see our almost 2-year old nephew, Hudson, again. Both are adorable, as you can see for yourself below. We also enjoyed many evenings (and mornings) of great conversation and delicious food on Barry and Tess’s 19th story balcony.



Though we didn’t do many tourist-y things, we did walk the Brooklyn Bridge with Barry and Tess and eat at the famous Grimaldi’s pizza place under the bridge. We also enjoyed some of our favorite NY stores, like H&M and Trader Joes. We have several friends that live in NYC, and we were able to get together with all of them as well. We love how New York is so visitor friendly, and we don’t have to be dependent on other people to get us around/entertain us. I can’t imagine ever setting someone loose on their own to navigate the streets of Managua!

Anyways, we (tried to) fly back to Nicaragua on the 5th, but American Airlines had other plans, which included putting us up in a hotel in Miami and providing dinner and breakfast for us before sending us on our way again. Before you start admiring us for this unexpected and seemingly luxurious interruption, keep in mind that we didn’t have our suitcases, so we couldn’t brush our teeth for 2 days and had to wear the same clothes 2 days in a row!

We did eventually make it back and will update you more on recent events since returning to Nicaragua, so check back again soon!

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