Thursday, October 27, 2011


On Tuesday night we had our first baptism service at Camino de Vida. After 2 years of planting seeds, laboring, and praying to the Lord of the harvest, the One by One staff was overjoyed to see the fruits of that labor. 17 people were baptized, and at least one person prayed to trust Christ for the first time.

I was especially thankful to witness the baptism of Alma. Alma started coming to our kids services from the beginning (over 2 years ago). After getting to know her and her situation, we discovered that she was living in a dangerous and unhealthy environment, and found a way for her to go live at House of Hope. She was there for awhile before being taken back to her home. For a long time, we didn’t know how she was, if she was safe, and we kept hearing rumors about plans to further abuse her and possibly take her out of the country. We prayed and prayed for her, and eventually she started coming back to our kids services. This Tuesday night, she was baptized into the kingdom, a child of God, precious in His sight. God is good and His love and grace for this sweet little girl overwhelms me.  You can watch her baptism below.


  1. Praise God! Must have been a really exciting night for you all. You could sure see the Joy in pastor Antonio's face! God Bless you all, and keep you safe and healthy, so that you can keep up the great work for His Glory! Love, mom

  2. Oh Wow!! We all prayed for Alma after we left last year. That is so amazing. Praise God!!! Teri

  3. Alma's name has been on a little piece of paper taped on my bathroom mirror for a year now--since we met last October. This is just so amazing! God is good. He is all about the redemption. Lesa


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