Saturday, November 12, 2011

Missing Nicole

My best friend Nicole came to visit for a week last month and it was so great to have her here! We mostly just did normal life things, but she got to experience our life and ministry here…oh, and the enormous vegetables.IMG_0787Yes, this avocado is almost as big as her face. That’s how we roll here in Nicaragua. Nicole has spent a lot of time in Sierra Leone, a developing country in Africa, and thus had an idea of what Nicaragua would be like. She was quite impressed by our grocery stores, the mall, the nice(ish) roads, etc. We’ve gotten used to life here, but we always enjoy thinking about the country and culture with fresh eyes again when visitors come.

IMG_0782We did get to spend a day at Laguna de Apoyo, the crater lake about an hour away (after a failed attempt to go on a coffee tour.) It was a nice relaxing day, and we really enjoyed catching up on life, talking about the differences and similarities of Sierra Leone and Nicaragua, and discussing the best ways to help the impoverished in both nations.

IMG_0814We wished her husband Eric could have been here too, but airlines were charging half of one’s retirement at the time, so it unfortunately didn’t work out. We are, however, beginning to plan our 2nd Anderson/Russell vacation for 2013…somewhere in Europe perhaps?

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  1. So cute!! Looks like too beautiful and very happy buds! I'm happy you had such a great time! Nicole looks as shocked as I was with the veggies. Love you, mom.


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