Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Costa Rica

Since Chase’s sister Joanna came to Nicaragua in August 2010, we’ve been wanting to take her on a trip to Costa Rica. It finally worked out to go this Thanksgiving break. We took a bus to San Jose, stayed the night, went to visit a family in Cartago that used to go to Wildwood Church in Oklahoma, then took another bus to Manuel Antonio, where we stayed for the following three nights. Chase and I had been to Manuel Antonio once before, when we came to celebrate our 3 year anniversary in April 2010.


We hiked through Manuel Antonio National Park, ate a lot of wonderful food, and did a zipline canopy tour. And no Chase&Julie vacation is complete without enjoying a few hours at the local coffee shop.


The canopy tour consisted of 14 different zip lines across the rainforest. We’ve been wanting to do one of these since we moved to Central America and were finally able to cross it off our list. It was a little scary at first, but the worst parts were walking across some very shaky (but stable) bridges to get from one tall tree to the next. Oh, and our guide’s name was Monkey. Because that is normal, I guess.


Speaking of monkeys, we saw quite a few of them. As we hiked through the rainforest, Joanna snacking on some trail mix, a pack of monkeys took a keen interest in her. Shortly afterward, Joanna and I were attacked by a swarm of black, stinging bugs. Joanna coped by throwing the trail mix on the ground in order to swat them off. Chase, fearing an attack, yelled, “NOOO, the monkeys!!!”, though the monkeys were now nowhere close to us. We all had a good laugh and continued on our way (after retrieving the trail mix of course).


Overall, we had a really great trip and were sad to leave so soon. We love the beauty of the country and the people are extremely friendly and welcoming. If anyone is thinking of taking a tropical vacation soon, we highly recommend Costa Rica, specifically Manuel Antonio. After you come to see us, of course.

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  1. Beautiful Pictures! Love mine of you and Chase, Its on my desk. That dress is so pretty on you! Glad you all got the chance to go and have a great time! God Bless and Keep you, Love you, Mom


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