Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nica Russell Christmas

This Christmas the entire Russell family came to Nicaragua.

NYfall2011NicaChristmas2011 251We rented a house on the beach for a few days and (as you can see) it was beautiful.

IMG_9137While we were there, we did a lot of reading and relaxing in hammocks.

NYfall2011NicaChristmas2011 381We did a lot of eating.

NYfall2011NicaChristmas2011 354We made s’mores over the barbeque pit.

CIMG0952We completed a puzzle.

CIMG1008We swam – sometimes in the pool and sometimes in the ocean.

IMG_9144And no Russell vacation is complete without at least one game of Settlers.

IMG_9167We played Michael Jackson: The Experience on the wii. Though Joanna killed everyone as far as wii points go, Tess was the clear winner for style.

IMG_9205We played in the sand.

NYfall2011NicaChristmas2011 358Sometimes we just sat around holding cute babies.

CIMG0995Sometimes we had to guard the stairs to prevent the babies from escaping.

IMG_9215We played frisbee on the beach at sunset.


And took a cute girl picture. (Unfortunately, Tess had the 2011 Russell flu at the time, which almost all of us partook in at some point before, during, or after our time together.)

It was a great week together, even though it definitely didn’t feel like Christmas at all. It felt a little wrong to be sweating on the beach instead of shivering next to a warm fire. It was our first Christmas away from Dallas, and we were really sad to miss out on the annual Russell/Rushing Christmas Eve party. Nevertheless, we were in a beautiful place with people we love, so we really can’t complain.

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