Friday, March 16, 2012

February Teams

Last month, One by One hosted two teams. Both teams were a blessing to our ministry and to us personally. Because the teams were smaller than normal, we really enjoyed getting to know them well. And we are looking forward to having both teams return later this year!

DSCN0314A team of 7 people came down from Champaign, Illinois from a ministry called XXI Stones.

DSCN0357One reason we love teams is that with the extra manpower and new desires and passions, we are able to try new things in ministry, things that we might not otherwise get a chance to do. With XXI Stones, we hosted 2 water filtration seminars and gave clean water systems to about 50 families.

DSCN0363XXI Stones also came down to help us put a new roof on our main campus building, but unfortunately (as I mentioned in a previous post), a team member, Mike, ended up falling through the roof and was hospitalized for a few days. Mike had been talking about wanting a Harley Davidson Nicaragua shirt since he got here, so we decided to take the team out and buy him a shirt to surprise him with later.

DSCN0454Next, we had a team of 5 people come from City Church in Simpsonville, SC. 

DSCN0458This was the second team to come from City Church to work with One by One and 2 of the people on this team had come with the team that came last August, so it was fun for us and the rest of the staff to see them again.

DSCN0432City Church is passionate about prayer so they spent much of their time praying – praying for the staff, praying for the kids, like Teresa (above), and even walking through the neighborhoods we minister in asking to pray with families in their homes. They truly come with a desire to serve and love anyone they come into contact with and a desire to see the atmosphere of Heaven reign on Earth.

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