Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our (non) Christmas in the States

While this was our first Christmas away from the States (from Dallas specifically), it only half counts. We flew home on the day after Christmas, so it still had a bit of a Christmas feel, even though the official day had passed. 2011 was a little crazy because we actually left the country (of Nicaragua) 6 times, once to go to Costa Rica, and the rest to go to the States. We went home last Christmas and were there for part of January, then we went home in March for our friends’ (Kelly and Marty) wedding, and then again in August for our “summer” vacation. Then we went to Chicago for the Kidmin conference in October, to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving, and then home again for winter vacation. This year will be much calmer (we think!)

Anyway, we were home for 2 weeks this Christmas and spent time in both Dallas and in Norman. As always, it was great to see good friends and family and we crammed our schedule pretty full. We did get to go to Austin for a quick trip with my mom to visit her side of the family, which is the only place we took pictures the whole time we were home.DSCN0099

While we were there, we got to eat at my cousin’s new pizza restaurant called Backspace, which is right next to his first restaurant, Parkside on 6th Street in Austin. I highly recommend both if you live there or are ever visiting! And as if he wasn’t busy enough as the chef and owner of 2 restaurants, he just opened a third! It’s an Italian restaurant called Olive & June.

Overall, it was a refreshing - albeit short - trip. We had a great time in Dallas, Norman, and Austin. We made several visits to Target and Chick-fil-A, which is always a highlight. As usual though, we were thankful to get back to our own bed in our own house driving our own car and living our “normal” life.

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