Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Estrella

DSCN0878This morning we had our annual “Super Estrella” service, which is essentially a talent show for our kids.

DSCN0869We had kids who sang, danced, played the drums, etc. Gloria, pictured above, sang a song called “I am a princess” and she did an excellent job! (Gloria is the daughter of our full-time Worship Leader Salva.)

DSCN0887In addition, we had about 100 Americans from 5 different teams helping us out this morning! Among the teams was one group of 25 high school students from Oakbrook Preparatory School in South Carolina who came to work with us for part of the week. During most of the week, however, they will be traveling to Bluefields to work with a church out there. It was great to have a ratio of 2 kids per adult this morning!

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  1. I bet the kids all loved that! Each one getting such personal attention! How wonderful for them! Thank you so much Lord!!!, and please continue to shower your blessings on this group of children in so much need of knowing You.


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