Friday, March 30, 2012

Wildwood College Team

DSCN069631 College students and leaders came down to work with One by One from March 17-25.

DSCN0698The day after they arrived, we hosted a soccer tournament at El Salero, which is a sports center owned by our missionary friends, Halle and Kathy August. A few of the team members shared their testimonies before the games started.

DSCN0747One of the 6 teams was made up of members of the Wildwood team, and they actually did really well, making it all the way to the finals. They ended up coming in second place, however, with the trophy going to a team from the Oriental Market.

DSCN0781The team also helped us host two festivals in 2 of our neighborhoods. Kids came and played several  carnival games, where they could earn tickets to spend in the “store”. They could buy anything from toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap to school supplies to toys and snacks.

DSCN0783Before the team came, they hosted a fundraiser at Wildwood where people could purchase pillowcase dresses, and many of them then donated the dresses to the team to bring down and give to kids here. We had these available at the carnival store as well, and they were a huge hit. Thank you Amy Frederick for heading this up and to everyone who donated to the “Little dresses for Nicaragua” fundraiser!

DSCN0793As with past carnivals, kids could purchase a pie to throw in Chase’s face, so here he is after he “cleaned up”. Alexander, the kid who threw the pie, came up to me afterwards and said “the whole carnival was pretty awesome, but the best thing was definitely throwing the pie in Chase’s face!”

DSCN0794The Wildwood team also helped us with about 25 different projects around the church, including building 2 new offices for our expanding staff, fixing the hole where Mike fell through the roof, a lot of painting, and even creating bulletin boards for NiƱos de Vida and Nuevete. Here are the kids admiring the new bulletin board of pictures on Saturday.

DSCN0852With having 31 extra sets of hands to play with kids, the service went much smoother than normal, and we were so thankful for the extra help.

DSCN0859Thank you for coming down to serve with us this week Wildwood! We really enjoyed getting to know all of you and appreciate all you did while you were here!

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  1. Who knew Chase looked so good with pie remnants on his face?! I didn't, and now I'm kicking myself for making him wash his face when he was growing up -- just think of all the great pictures we missed!


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