Friday, June 15, 2012

Wildwood High School Team

A team of 14 came to work with One by One last week from Wildwood Community Church in Norman, Oklahoma. 9 team members were returning so we really enjoyed getting to build those relationships even further.


Chase and I have a bit of a tradition where we love to have teams from our home churches over to our house for dinner one night while they are here. Chase’s parents were in town for Joanna’s graduation and they were a huge help for us in preparing for dinner at our house.


We held a few carnivals at House of Hope and at our church, and they went really smoothly since most of the team had helped at carnivals in previous years.


The team also helped us with several work projects at the church. One of the coolest ones was painting this purple stripe on the outside of our building. We’re hoping it won’t get graffiti-ed over anytime soon!


Alexis was one of the leaders on this team, and is actually going to be in Nicaragua for a month total, living with us and interning at One by One. She has been a huge help so far with heading up the carnivals, and being in charge of snacks and lunches for the teams, among other things. Alexis is our first intern, and will also be helping us officially develop the intern program. We are really excited to have her here for the month of June.


Here we are saying goodbye to the Wildwood team and waiting to pick up the Woodcreek team who came in about an hour later. We were sad to see Wildwood leave, as they are an awesome group of people that we love and miss a lot! We hope to have them back next year for their fourth annual Nica trip!

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