Thursday, June 21, 2012

Woodcreek High School Team


The Woodcreek team of 24 people came to Nicaragua June 11-17 to work with One by One. This team is really special to us, because it is the same team that we were a part of in high school on trips to Mexico. This is where our interest in international ministry began.


We had the team over for dinner, but because there were so many people, we ate outside in front of David (Chase’s brother) and Kristina’s apartment who live in the same complex as us. It was a fun evening spent together after their time visiting House of Hope.


On Tuesday, the team got right to work on a variety of projects that needed to be done at Camino de Vida. Chris Thompson, the team leader, was in charge of designing and creating a large shelving system in one of of classrooms. I (Julie) am personally really excited about this because I will be able to keep team food and supplies on the shelves, instead of all over our office floor. (I’m pretty sure Chase is excited about this too!)


Here is the finished project. The shelves look awesome. Thanks guys!


A group of girls helped paint and re-organize our office for us. A few guys also helped replace some ceiling tiles from a break-in the week before. (Yes, a few guys broke into our office (and pooped in there!) and stole Chase’s headphones…a bad day, to say the least.) Our office looks great now. Thanks girls!


Another group of girls varnished the doors that the Wildwood team had installed the week before. Along with the alarm system that some other Woodcreek team members helped install, we hope that these doors keep our building a little safer!


The team also helped host a couple of carnivals for our kids, including one in Leon, where we have just started a new kids ministry. The Love Stitches ministry at Woodcreek church had knitted several items including blankets, baby hats and socks, teddy bears, etc that could be “bought” in the store with the tickets that the kids earned by playing the carnival games. We love hosting the carnivals because it is a beneficial way that we can bless our kids with material items. Thank you Love Stitches for the donations!


We also enjoyed taking the team to Laguna de Apoyo, a crater lake about an hour from Managua, to relax and share a day of rest together. They had a floating dock in the lake and we all had so much fun playing on the dock.


On the team’s last day, we traveled to Leon, about 2 hours from Managua, to be a part of their second service. During their first service, there were about 70 kids, and for this service, there were over 150 kids! The word spread fast and it was cool to see that kids were excited to come and be a part of our ministry. Chase enjoyed seeing Anna Carolina, who he had helped train, leading the service. She is doing a great job, as she has already trained several leaders to help her out each week with the ministry.


We really enjoyed the whole team, but my favorite part was definitely spending time with one of my best friends, Becca Mercer. She was a leader on the trip, and I was so thankful to be able to share our life and ministry with her. She was a great encouragement to me, and I’m so glad she had the opportunity to come!

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