Thursday, August 30, 2012

Woodcreek 20s Team

Our last few weeks in Nicaragua were crazy, so there was no time to blog, but now that we’ve had time to take a breath, we plan to catch you up.


The Woodcreek 2os team came back to Nicaragua for their 4th trip, and we were definitely excited about this team, since some of our close friends that we’ve known for many years were on this team. Most of the team had come before, and they really have a heart to serve the ministry, the staff, and the Woodcreek missionaries.


They spent a lot of time doing work projects at the church, including dividing one classroom into two so that we can use it for a band practice room. They built a wall and created a doorway into our large multi-purpose room. This will be extremely beneficial for the staff trying to work, who will no longer hear drums loudly beating every time the band practices. The team also put padding on the walls to help with sound absorption. In addition, they planted some flowers and plants in front of the church to make the area look a little nicer. The girls were also able to help with painting some verses in our multi-purpose room.


One afternoon we, along with the team, were able to take a field trip to the zoo with our Segundo Paso kids. Chase and I had never been to the Nicaraguan zoo before, and while it was safe, it was definitely not up to American standards! We heard a story about a kid from our other Segundo Paso class, who had gone on the field trip a few weeks before. He was taunting a monkey, and the monkey reached through the cage and slapped the kid in the face!


It was kind of surreal to be standing so close to the lions, leopards, and tigers!


But don’t worry – each kid was partnered with an adult so that someone was always keeping track of them and keeping them safe.


Overall, it was a really fun day at the zoo and the kids loved it! The team also spent a morning helping us move out of our apartment (and we were SO grateful for the help!). In addition, they got to have lunch with David Russell (Chase’s brother who is also a Woodcreek missionary) at Nicaragua Christian Academy where he works. And we were able to spend an evening fellowshipping together at David’s house with all the Woodcreek missionaries and the 20s team. Kristina (David’s wife, who was still in the States with the kids) even skyped in and joined us for part of the evening as well.

As always, we loved having the team here, but were sad to be moving out at the same time, which meant we didn’t get to spend as much time with them as we would have liked.

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