Friday, September 14, 2012

Bruce and John came to Nica!


Throughout the year, we have been talking to the Wildwood Staff about the possibility of a couple pastors coming down to Nicaragua to see the ministries and meet the staff at One by One and House of Hope. When we found out in July that we would need to come back to the States in August so Julie could get ready for a kidney transplant, we got a call to see if we could work it out for them to come before we left (three weeks later). We were really excited about the idea and really wanted it to work, so we made it a priority! Even though the Woodcreek 20s team was here at the same time, we were moving out of our apartment, and we were leaving the country a few days after they would leave, we geared ourselves up for a crazy busy few weeks and we were so glad we did! Chase and I joked that we felt like our days were like episodes of “24” – constantly hurtling toward deadlines while continually changing plans (only there were no explosions and millions of lives were NOT at stake)!








Anyway, we really enjoyed spending time with Bruce (Wildwood’s Senior Teaching Pastor) and John (Wildwood’s Family & Care Pastor), introducing them to our ministry and the ministry at House of Hope. Even though they were only in town for a short time, they were able to go with us and the team to ride the bus to pick up our Segundo Paso kids and take them on a field trip to the zoo. The kids, as always, gave them a great Nicaraguan welcome and loved them immediately. They were also able to spend some time with Jeremy Havlin, our director, and the rest of the One by One staff, as well as with April Havlin, the director of House of Hope.


We attempted to take Bruce and John to an active volcano one afternoon but the road to get there was shut down for a parade to celebrate a Nicaraguan holiday so we went the opposite direction to El Crucero where we found a beautiful outlook and did some exploring. We love getting to show people the beauty of “the land of lakes and volcanoes”. Overall, we really enjoyed having them come and were so thankful the Lord worked it out so they could come before we left. We’re so grateful to be a part of the body at Wildwood and for how they are showing their support for us, One by One, House of Hope, and the work God is doing in Nicaragua!

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