Thursday, November 8, 2012

JBU Missions Fair


This week, we have been in Siloam Springs, AR exhibiting at their annual missions fair for One by One Nicaragua. This is our first time to ever do anything like this, and we have definitely learned a lot! It has been good practice for Urbana12 this December, which will be very similar but on a much larger scale.

Being here this week has been especially meaningful for us, since it was this week (World Awareness Week) at JBU ten years ago that we decided we wanted to be a part of mission work internationally. I (Julie) attended JBU during my freshman and sophomore year and was so moved by the testimony of the chapel speaker that I bought the book and the chapel CD's and gave them to Chase to read and listen to as well. He also felt the desire to go, and we both eventually took the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course that is offered all over the United States. (By the way, this is a course we HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about God’s heart for the world.) Fast forward ten years later and it’s crazy to think we’ve been living internationally for three years already! It seems like just yesterday that I was a student at JBU, wandering around the beautiful campus wondering where God would eventually lead me.

Anyway, it is our prayer and desire that other college students will respond to the truth found in Acts 1:8 and make a decision to follow Christ to the ends of the world. Please join with us in praying for the students we interacted with this week, as well as the students we will interact with at Urbana in December. Whether they want to partner with One by One or another ministry somewhere else in the world, we want to see God’s kingdom enlarged and His name glorified.

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