Thursday, December 13, 2012

so proud.

We're in Nicaragua! We flew down on Dec. 6th to be a part of our annual staff retreat for One by One. We decided to stay an extra week to see friends, family, and get some work done. On Tuesday night, we were able to attend the last Leader's Service of the year. Each year on this night, we honor a few people who have been faithful in volunteering throughout the year.


This year, three of the five volunteers were some of the kids that we have worked with closely over the last year. We have trained them to run slides for the kids service, and Nehemias (on the right) also plays one of our characters, the pirate on stage pretty frequently. Alan, Brenda, and Nehemias (pictured above) all have a heart to serve and have been really helpful throughout the year with the kids ministry.


Even though we moved back to the States in August, we have heard great reports that they have continued to learn more about how to serve effectively and have given of their time and energy to serve and love kids.


We miss these kids a lot and have both been impressed by how much they've matured over the last four months. We look forward to returning and continuing to work with them!

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